Apostolic Prayer Summit

Towering Christ Outreach Mission will hold its first interdenominational prayer summit on 12th Day of July,2019 at a church known us Miracleland Ministries situated Along Manyanya Road adjacent to Manyanja Road round-about,Harambee Sacco Phase 5(Five),Donholm Estate,Nairobi City.The event will bring together like minded saints to raise a voice of prayer for the body of Christ in Kenya and Africa.

We are privileged to host great vessels in the Kingdom led by Apostle Fred Ronnie President of Word-Up Ministries, Pastor Mirriam Butali,President of Sister to Sister Interdenominational Ministry ,Pastor Geoffrey Kegode,Malind,Pastor Fred,Tanzania.

Other ministering will be; Pastor Eric Soo, Pastor George Rafimbi,Pastor Chris Meshack,Pastor Mulinga(TZ),Minister Lucy Kiraba, Minister Nancy Karua among other great voices.

Below are images for the event.

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2 Comments to Apostolic Prayer Summit

  1. This was a great meeting. I traveil in prayer for this mission. It’s the great Joy of God our Father for humanity to experience Him and to come to the full knowledge of our Lord and Saviour.


    • Good evening Apostle Baraka, We’re grateful for your feedback on the just concluded Prayer Summit.

      We also appreciate and honor the grace of God upon your life and just for sacrificing to be a blessing to us.

      The entire family celebrate you!

      Many Thanks,


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